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Radiant Learning, Inc. was created in 2002 and was originally known as catapult College Prep. Our first client was Riverside-Brookfield High School, where our first ACT Prep Program was implemented. We worked on site with the administrators and teachers to develop the assessment products and perfect the ACT Prep curriculum. The program rapidly evolved from a small after school ACT Prep program to an integrated college admissions course. ACT scores jumped by over .7 point for the entire school in the first year of the program. The model developed at Riverside-Brookfield had been implemented at many of our partner schools to achieve similar success.


Founder and President:

Since founding Radiant Learning in 2002, Kevin Hsu has grown the company from a small ACT Prep company to an assessment solutions and educational consulting enterprise. his background uniquely prepared him to lead Radiant learning's efforts towards educational solutions that focus on PSAE improvement. Kevin oversees the company's technical and business strategy.

Prior to founding Radiant Learning, kevin earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master's Degree from the University of Southern california. While working as a systems engineer at Boeing Space, he learned how to design and test communications satellites and later used many of the same principles to develop analytical tools to measure student performance. Kevin later worked as a project manager for an educational software company where he developed his passion for the education industry.

Kevin is a proud father of 3 young boys (Logan, Parker and Owen), and is married to Victoria, a 3rd Grade teacher at Briar Glen Elementary School.

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